Turbosmart IWG75 Twin-Port Internal Wastegate Actuator


Turbosmart IWG75 Twin-Port Internal Wastegate Actuator

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Turbosmart’s new Twin Port IWG-75, available in both turbo-specific and universal applications, gives you improved ability to control a wider range of boost from your internally wastegated turbocharger.

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Full-Race 4 Port MAC w/ Bracket Upgrade:
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Turbosmart’s Dual Port Internal-WG Actuator utilizes the same spring stack and sealed upper actuator design as their single port but now also utilizes a lower diaphragm canister for more accurate boost control. This Twin Port wastegateis best suited to BorgWarner EFR turbo installs which require a wider range of boost pressures than a standard single port actuator is capable of. Recommended for use with 4port boost control solenoid.

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