the crew

The individuals that make up our crew are unique in ways that make us all movie characters of some sort. Each one of us has our own ridiculous story of how they have come to this point. We can all promise you one thing though, we, The Function Factory promise to deliver you the best client experience possible. When we say we're going to do the DAMN thing, we mean it. 


Charles Siritho - Founder

Photographer turned deal maker and race car driver, catch me driving all the vehicles in our films. I have been all around the country photographing automobiles to weddings. It is now time for me to lead my crew members to everlasting success!  


Chasen Blasdel - Director of Photography - Drone Pilot

Driving only white cars and flying the drone that cost more than a car, my duty is to make sure everything's running smoothly and on time. While Charles' is out doing his thing in a car, I make sure that the shot is coming to life with creative direction and the ability to adapt to our ever changing situations. 


Steve Schulak - Videographer


Dylan Toon- Editor



Jennifer Banks - We're still not sure