About seven weeks ago Charles Siritho got a call from a mutual friend he hadn’t heard from in some time.

Trevor: “Hey Charles this is Trevor Shipman, how’s everything been going? The Function Factory’s work has been looking great recently.”

Charles: “Yeah it’s been super busy, finally racing the car soon as well! (engine noises). What have you been up to?”

Trevor: “Well I’m now the media manager over at Gilbert Mercedes, let’s make a badass video!”

I may be paraphrasing there, but you get the point. Mercedes-Benz Gilbert was giving us a call, and immediately we knew we had an opportunity to make a statement. We set out to make a creative showpiece on the opposite end of the spectrum of nearly any local dealership commercial you’ve ever seen.


Charles and I met with Trevor the next week at the dealership where he offered us the complete VIP tour. Mercedes quality standards were evident in every inch of the building and represented by the gracious staff. Right away, Charles and I could see the shots coming together but we needed to make sure that our vision was perfectly aligned with Trevor’s and the dealership’s.

In conversation with Trevor I learned that this was now the only family owned Mercedes dealership in the valley. It was paramount that our commercial incorporate the family owned atmosphere. He also let me know that a strong female lead in a past commercial had received amazing feedback for challenging stereotypes. Having reaching common ground and an underlying theme with our new friend and client, Charles and I headed back to the office to start on a creative concept and shot list.

As often happens, all that changed. 

Due to a previous engagement let’s just say that the general dealership overview video was already scheduled to be covered, but all was not lost.

Trevor let us know about a week later that our video just needed to focus on another part of the dealership… and that they happened to also be the only AMG Experience Center in their part of the Valley.

Now, if you have read this far and you’ve been on our website for longer than it takes an AMG to get to 62… you’ll know all Charles and I heard was that hammer of a German acronym. This was right up our alley. We had 30 Seconds to fill with AMG drama focused on the Experience Center.

So, the AMG Experience Center is this badass section of the dealership where only the most potent offerings from Mercedes-Benz GMBH are on display. For our shoot we chose a G65, GLE63, C63S, AMG GT, E43, and a GLA45. The centerpiece of this showroom jewel is an interactive cinema display where you can watch video from the AMG driving academy of your favorite cars doing big smoky drifts, or you can spec out your next purchase (insert salesman here). The details of the shoot days themselves, I’ll save for when the video is finished.