The Function Factory hosted its second event on the 23rd featuring the premiere of Hyer Quality Detail's feature production. Steve Mohr at Colorbomb wraps, one of the premiere wrap shops in Phoenix and Hyer Quality's new neighbor, was kind enough to offer their shop as a venue for our event. 

The local automotive community showed up in force to talk cars and support local businesses. Multiple Ferrari 458's , a Ferrari FF, the FI7THY crew, the feature R35 GT-R's, and many other enthusiasts were in attendance. Everyone enjoyed showing off their cars and meeting other locals during the first hour or so of the impromptu car show. Our friends Rafael & Lydia came by with amazing, home cooked Carne Asada tacos and Pollo con Mole for everyone to enjoy.

While allowing some suspense to build by playing our past automotive media, we started a raffle for a few great prizes such as a Detail Package from Hyer Quality Detail, a photoshoot by yours truly at The Function Factory, and a roof wrap by Colorbomb Wraps! After giving everyone some time to get some of that incredible food we decided it was time to kick things off. 

Charles, Cole, Chasen, Steve, and Jennifer all made their introductions before Cole gave the unfamiliar members of the crowd a break down of what exactly The Function Factory is, if you too are wondering, be sure to watch the break down video HERE (not the Tom Petty song, sorry). After a wholehearted thank you to all in attendance, Charles rolled the video with his signature "Let's do the damn thing!"

After the video Charles and Hyer of Hyer Quality Detail called out the raffle prizes and Cole gave a behind the scenes overview of the video process. Overall, it was a great event. Incredible cars, great people, and outstanding food, what more could you want? 

The team here at The Function Factory are cars guys (and girl) at heart first and foremost, there will be more premieres in the future for our automotive work so make sure you're at the next one!

Thanks to Stop the World Photography for the additional photos! 

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